Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let's Go HME Wall Wrap review

Recently I came across a new online homeware retailer, Let's Go HME, founded by Lu Ocheston-Finlay. Let's Go HME specialises in homeware for people who don't own their properties, but still want to put a personal stamp on their space - perfect for us!

All the items that Lu has on the website are easy to install or easily removable and use fun, bright prints. The very first collection was launched in July, showcasing handmade printed cushions and the quite simply amazing removable Wall Wraps, a sample of which I was lucky enough to receive hot of the printing presses!

Sadly Tank the French Bulldog wasn't sent to me, but I did get enough Pegasus wall wrap to jazz up my frankly outdated kitchen cupboards



The Wall Wrap is basically a giant sticker, but rolled like wallpaper. All you need is a smooth surface and scissors. Measure the space you want to cover, mark it on the back of the Wall Wrap and cut to size, leaving some spare in case of measuring mistakes (talking from experience!)

Peel the first 5cm of backing away and stick the Wall Wrap to your covering area.

Gradually peel the backing paper away, smoothing any air bubbles as you go. If you notice that you haven't quite stuck it on straight, you can peel it back off. I can vouch for the fact that while being easy to peel back, because the material is a wipeable matt vinyl, rather than paper it does not distort or tear - even when you re-position one piece 4 times (crafts appear to not be a strong point!)

Once you've unpeeled it completely, use a craft knife to carefully cut away any extra Wall Wrap. Then stand back and admire your funky new cupboards...or wall, or drawers, or folders, or anything else that takes your fancy...

There are currently 3 designs of Wall Wrap for sale at £45.00 for a 46cm x 10m roll on the Let's Go HME website. Having used this to cover our kitchen cupboards I would highly recommend this for kitchen & bathroom walls as well as any number of other uses throughout your home. I used a small piece of leftover Wall Wrap on a plain painted wall and after 5 days, it lifted clean away without taking any paint off, or leaving any stickiness behind.

If you think the designs are a little too bold for your space, Lu is also selling fine bone china mugs for £12.00, featuring pretty floral designs.

I was not compensated for this review, however I was sent a sample of the Wall Wrap to enable me to use and test it. All words and opinions remain my own.
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  1. Oh wow! I love your cupboards, what a great idea. I would never of thought of using something called wall wrap on cupboards, but it's such a great idea and they look so good. :-) #triedtested

  2. They do look good. Make quite a difference to the room.

  3. This is so fantastic for all the renters out there and even for those who like to change up their decor regularly. Would love it if you shared your review on #britmumsreviews http://www.britmums.com/2014/07/reviews-round-up-what-a-come-back/

  4. what a great idea! We could do with some of this on the wall behind our dining table..we've just painted it, but with a young child, its got splattered with food already...this sounds like a good solution! Found via #britmumsreviews

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  6. Really awesome... i like your cabinets, what a good plan. i'd ne'er of thought of victimization one thing referred to as wall wrap on cabinets, however wall warps such smart} plan and that they look thus good.