Friday, 18 July 2014

Touched by words

  1. 1.
    feeling gratitude or sympathy; moved.
    "the star said he was ‘very touched’ to receive his medal"
  2. 2.
    slightly mad; crazy.
    "you have to be a little touched to do my job"

This week I wrote a post that was personal to me. It was on one of those subjects that you could feel bubbling around in your head, until you had to get your thoughts down into some sort of form.

My post was about the issues women of all ages have with their own body image, if you'd like to read it click here.

I wrote it to strengthen my own quiet voice that being a different size to your 18 year old self, or your neighbour, or a supermodel is fine. The important thing is that you are healthy and happy in your own body - however it may look.

But oh my word, I got the most beautiful comments and messages after writing it. People read MY words and they understood. My words had meaning. A few beautiful and wonderful ladies said that I inspired them! Little me, in my teeny tiny blog, wrote something that put a smile on someone's face, gave them strength, made them see an alternative. That's mind blowing!

I'm touched that people read what I write, I'm touched that people enjoyed it so much they took time to comment (and this weekend I will reply to each and everyone of you!), I'm touched that people may now take a few moments when they are next on holiday to take a "jump" photo...and not delete it straight away!

Have a wonderful weekend - I'm looking forward to  niece and nephew cuddles in Northampton, a dance off to 80's classics at an open air revival gig, and a sing along to The Lion King stage show in Southampton...just a normal weekend then!

As always I'm joining in this week with the fabulous Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence to read more great Word of the Week posts - go on...pop over and take a look at a few others!

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  1. Love your Jump photo - such a beautiful photo and it is so important to encourage others to see the beauty in themselves. Have to say I didn't see wobbles or anything like that - just a woman full of joy and happiness expressing it. Just beautiful. Always lovely to receive positive feedback too :-) #PoCoLo

  2. Off to read your other post now. Sounds inspiring.

    Hope you have a great (busy) weekend #pocolo

  3. Your post really was inspiring for other women. I'm glad responses have helped put a smile on your face too :-)

  4. I love your jump photo! so lovely that so many people responded to you, as it is great to write something that means so much to you that others relate to, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW and have a fabulous weekend - sounds good! x

  5. The post was very inspiring! So glad people responded! You looked fab in the photo by the way x

  6. Love your jump post. I may have to take a similar shot on my hols to be brave. One of the reasons I like blogging is how nice and supportive the community is and your post sums that up . Have a good weekend dancing and singing. Emma @purplemulberrys #wotw

  7. I remember that post! Usually women are bitchy with each other on some issues. At least on some other post but on that one its just full of beautiful comments! I love that thread! #wotw

  8. A lovely word (& Jump was a lovely photo) ...hope your weekend was as fabulous as it sounds! :)