Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review Tableau Barbecue Cleaner

Over this last week we've been trying hard to finish up those annoying little jobs so that we can enjoy our weekends together through the glorious heatwave that August is supposed to be (ignoring the most recent weather forecast!)

We are planning a BBQ for the August bank holiday weekend so we can invite all our friends over to enjoy the garden and space that we love so much. One look at the BBQ, however and I had visions of all our guests going home with food poisoning! 

Now I've been brought up with a legendary BBQ thrower, my Dad was pretty great at throwing a party, but he often spoke of "if the BBQ is hot enough it'll kill any bugs" along with the other classic "the burnt bits add to the flavour"...both lies, let me tell you! The problem with a BBQ is by the time it's cool enough to clean the food bits have hardened to concrete and the banging headache that you seem to have picked up overnight makes anything more than a cursory spray with a hosepipe nigh on impossible.

Thankfully for the health of both us and our guests I was recently sent the Tableau Barbecue Spray Cleaner (retailing at £4.99, for 500ml), so Sion and I set to work to put it through it's paces.

This is our BBQ in all it's crusty glory

The cleaner is straight forward to use. The instructions were to spray the cleaner (using gloves) onto the BBQ - leave for 3-5 minutes and wipe off using a damp sponge, then rinse and repeat if necessary.

This is after we did two rounds of spraying, leaving and cleaning off

I did find that we had to use a sponge scourer and a fair bit of elbow grease to get the result above, however I think that was down to the fact that there were at least 4 lots of baked on BBQ leftovers, rather than the effectiveness of the cleaner! 

You can see that the baked on bits have all come away and in the majority of places the clean metal is now showing. Even doing two rounds of cleaning the job was done in 20 minutes and after a good rinse off was ready to be used again. The bottle of cleaner is sure to last us throughout the summer and is brilliant value.

We will be using this after every BBQ and I'm sure we will get the same impressive result with a lot less effort!

Tableau Barbecue Cleaner is available direct from it's website with a £3.00 delivery charge, however if you order over £20.00 of products, delivery drops to £2.50 - there's a huge range of other cleaning and household products covering leather, wood, upholstery and general cleaners. Alternatively they have a handy stockist search facility for locations close to your home postcode included on their site.

I received a free of charge bottle of Tableau Barbecue Cleaner for the purpose of this review - however all words and opinions remain my own.
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  1. Now that is what we could do with, w have so many BBQ's on site here

  2. Oh we definitely need this, we BBQ a lot and our BBQ is looking a bit worse for wear! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Ohh, we definintely need this! We had a couple of BBQ's over the weekend and it was not fun in the slightest cleaning it up after them x