Friday, 15 August 2014


This last week has for me been about being together. Together as a family and together as a couple.

Last Thursday some of my family from Cornwall came to stay with us for the first time in our new home. Unfortunately Sion was in Ireland on a training course so he didn't get to see them, but this did mean that I could keep myself busy the evenings leading up to their arrival on Thursday by cleaning and cooking like a mad woman!

They had come to say because my younger brother is working as shore crew for the Dongfeng Race Team that will be sailing in the Volvo Ocean Race next month. The team were spending the week at Cowes and it was a perfect chance for everyone to catch up with him - particularly his wife and son who had been living in Chile, so hadn't seen him for 4 months.

The plan was that we would have a quiet evening at home before heading to Cowes on Friday morning for the big reunion with my brother - I had made other plans!

Once everyone had arrived on Thursday afternoon I waited for a certain text to come through and made my excuses to head out for half an hour. I drove into Southampton to meet Henry and snuck him into the house without anyone noticing. Luckily everyone was playing in the garden so I managed to video the moment Stefi & Robert realised that Daddy was here early. Champagne was opened, photos were taken, hugs and kisses were given.

We spent a lovely day together in Cowes on Friday, despite the rain rolling in late in the afternoon. I headed back to Southampton and got caught in torrential rain walking back to the car so got home soaking wet, tired and grumpy.

Once I got dried off and was sat on the sofa curled up next to Sion I realised just how lucky we were. Yes for the last two years we have had to work around usually having different days off, or being shattered by the time we sat down in the evening - but each night we would get to walk up the stairs together. So many people don't get that simple luxury, their partner has to work away from home and for the majority of time they are apart. The silly little incidentals that happen have to be stored away, ready to re-tell at the next opportunity. The moments of togetherness so much sweeter, deeper, important.

For all my many moments of togetherness with my family and with Sion I am grateful and thankful. To those counting down the time until their next togetherness, you have my understanding and love.

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  1. What a lovely post and brilliant word. Sounds like you've had a great week and I'm so pleased you managed time together x

  2. Lovely post, I love spending time with all the family #WotW

  3. That's lovely, I can feel the love through your words x #WotW

  4. Beautiful post and fantastic #wotw. Sounds like your brother has some amazing experiences but it must be hard for him and his family to be away from each so much too. Really makes you appreciate what you've got. Lovely, lovely post xx

  5. Aww! How lovely!! Such a wonderful word and a great week for you x

  6. So happy to hear you had a fabulous weekend with the family. It's always good to appreciate the little things in life x

  7. Beautiful post, and a fabulous surprise. I cannot imagine being apart from my husband at all, so yes, appreciating being together it a lovely thing to stop and do. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  8. How lovely for you all! What a heart warming post x

  9. What a lovely post. And such a lovely surprise. Sometimes I have have to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to be with my hubby all the time, too. #PoCoLo