Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A gift for man's best friend

Meet Cassan. Cassan is quite possibly the fluffiest, friendliest Golden Retriever you will ever meet. He is also obsessive about his chews and toys. He plays with them exclusively until they are so chewed , matted and smelly that they have to be thrown away. You can imagine how hard that is when he looks at you with his baleful eyes as his favourite toy gets relegated to the bin.

Luckily for Cassan I attended the Lemur Linkup Blogger Biz match up in Dorset last Monday and got talking to John Palmer-Snellin, the owner of Staglers. He uses naturally fallen antlers from Spain and hand cuts them into various sizes to suit all dogs. They are 100% natural, eco-friendly and most importantly to Cassan and his canine friends, safe. Antlers do not shatter like some bones and they are recommended by vets as a natural teeth cleaner.

From a boring, human perspective the great thing about Stagler chews is that they don't go soft and they don't smell...at all! They also last far longer than other cereal or rawhide type chews.

But what about from a dog's perspective? Looking at how focused Cassan is on his new chew I would say he likes it very much! One week in and he is still in love with it, playing with it constantly and most definitely not sharing it with any of his other canine friends. I think it's a winner!

Staglers dog chews range in price from £4.49 for a small chew up to £19.99 for a jumbo size. They also do a special "Jawsome" size chew for £36.00 that is for very large breed dogs with a strong bite. The chews will last most dogs at least 6 weeks, making it a more affordable treat than cheaper, short lasting alternatives.

Staglers are stocked in a number of pet shops, garden centres and retailers in the UK, or you can order directly through their website, with free delivery for orders over £38.00

I received two complimentary Stagler chews for the purposes of this review, however all words and opinions remain my own (and Cassan's).
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  1. Cassan is gorgeous. My parents have a Golden Retriever, and he would love these chews I think! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. What a beautiful dog....
    What interesting chews.....Looks like Cassan is enjoying them x

  3. He looks pretty chuffed with that! Our Thomas loves a good chew
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  4. This looks great my dog demolishes toys in no time so I have to get him chews x

  5. I tried another brand of these a while back but Stella just lost interest...I think unless she's "killed" something herself it's not as fascinating to her...lovely to see Cassan enjoying his though :)