Thursday, 23 October 2014

Exbury Autumn Colours

A few weekends ago, before the high winds started to strip the branches of their jewel coloured leaves we took a trip into the New Forest to walk around Exbury Gardens.

When we visited in late Spring we only managed to walk around half the site so this visit we prepared ourselves with plenty of snacks and brought two children who were keen to run along every path! I think we pretty much covered most of the Gardens.

Happily I found my favourite spot from our last visit...

I'd love to return once a season to take a photo in exactly the same spot. Perhaps that will be my very own photo challenge for next year!

When I'm out taking photos I like to look up or look down, rather than just taking pictures of what is directly in front of me.

Looking up I see beautiful patterns and leaves like these...

When I look down this is what I find...


Of course there are beautiful things to see, right in front of me too...

Exbury Gardens you wowed us again...we can't wait to wrap up warm and visit you before your Winter rest!
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  1. so pretty and fall like. that bridge spot looks wonderful!

  2. This is a place I'd really like to visit one day-looks such a beautiful part of the world. Beautiful colours.

  3. Seeing your photos I've decided I really need to look up more :) Really like your photo of the red leaves against the sky. There are so many mushrooms around at the moment aren't there!?

  4. Beautiful. I know what you mean about looking up - I adore trees, and the Fall in New England is so gorgeous that I spend all my time looking up at the leaves glowing against the sky and taking photos! I've discovered this makes me a leaf peeper... :) #HDYGG

  5. You are making autumn prettier in my eyes =) #hdygg

  6. fabulous leaves and fungi! and you got such great variety in both.

  7. Popping over from my :)
    I don't like Autumn too much as the dark nights make me a bit grumpy but I do love watching all the green to golden browns. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit!

  8. That's a great collection of funghi there!

  9. That would be a great photo challenge! What a beautiful place :)

  10. Beautiful place, I love the fungi collection. It would be great to see a picture of the bridge in each season to see how it changes.