Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Getting into the Yuletile Spirit...

As an accountant I don't get much opportunity to be creative. I think that's why I like baking so much. It gives me the chance to make something from scratch that gives enjoyment to myself and others.

The run up to Christmas is an especially creative time. I hand stamped my own wrapping paper last year and want to make a few gifts this year.

I was asked if I would like to take part in Topps Tiles' Yuletile Greetings Christmas campaign, and when I heard it would involve getting crafty I thought it would be a perfect thing to work on slowly in the evenings.

I was sent a plain white tile and lots of lovely paints & brushes to come up with my masterpiece *cough* and this is what I made...

My first thoughts were to go with a traditional 12 days of Christmas theme and I carefully measured out my boxes ready to put my designs into. I quickly realised that my artistic talents were limited and that my partridge, turtle doves, French hens, calling birds, geese & swans all looked exactly the same and there was no way I would be able to fit all the drummers, pipers, lords, ladies and maids into my little boxes...a new theme was needed - quickly!!

I came up with our personalised 12 Days of Christmas. In no particular order these little pictures are snippets of what I hope our Christmas this year will be like;

Our favourite foods prepared by all of us, ready to be enjoyed.
Stockings to be opened while still in bed on Christmas morning
Frosty days perfect for woodland walks
Gingerbread men fresh from the oven with a big mug of hot chocolate
Our first real Christmas tree, probably way to big for our little living room, decorated with new decorations
A special posh scented candle, saved ready for Christmas
And a real hope from snow, just a sprinkling to give Christmas that magical air...

Most of the pictures were outlined using ceramic pens and filled in with ceramic paints. Once the base layer had dried I went over it with any top colours like the white dots on the Christmas pudding. I was sent 6 different colours of paint so if I needed a colour outside of these I mixed them in a little tray before using.

I finished the tile by writing Christmas 14 in fairy lights. Fairy lights are the epiphany of Christmas to me, delicate, sparkly, magical.


I know this tile isn't going to win the Turner prize, my holly leaves are not quite perfect and it looks childlike - but isn't that what's good about Christmas? It's a time for us to all forget about work for a day or two and allow ourselves to remember the childlike pleasures of playing with new gifts, eating chocolate for breakfast and staying up late. It's a time for imperfection - who cares if lunch is later than you expected, or if you want to wear PJs all day?

Christmas for me is a time to gather together all that you love and enjoy, to remember past Christmas' and look forward to future ones - maybe we should all paint a family Christmas tile?

This post is an entry into Topps Tiles' Yuletile Greetings Christmas campaign. I was sent the tile & craft products free of charge.

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  1. Oh it looks brilliant! what a lovely idea! #MMWBH