Friday, 14 November 2014


It's been a little while since I took part in Word of the Week, but this week I am definitely


I'm impatient for the weekend to start. We have no set plans and it will be lovely to just relax at home and prepare the house for next weekend because...

I'm impatient to see my niece & nephew. They are coming down to spend the weekend with us (with their Mum & Dad!) and I think we are going to head to our first Christmas Market over in Winchester. This is good because...

I'm impatient to start Christmas shopping. I've ordered a few bits & pieces, but after paying for an MOT, Service & new brakes on my car, the bulk of Christmas shopping will need to wait until early December. This will work out nicely though, because...

I'm impatient to spend the weekend in London, visiting Winter Wonderland with Sion's family and heading back to stay in The Tommyfield. We stayed there for my birthday and the staff looked after us so well, we can't wait to return to see them again.

Most of all I'm impatient for Christmas.

Ignore the commercialism of it. Christmas for me is a time to ease back, spend time with loved ones, to laugh, remember and look to the future. It's a time for old films, traditions and arguing over the best chocolates. It's a time for outdoor walks, indoor pub fires and overstuffed bellies. It's a time for gratitude and thanks. It's a time to just be...and I can't wait.

Share with me what you are most impatient for...

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  1. Lovely post, i am totally with you. I love christmas and you are right about what christmas is a time for ...traditions, family, walks etc. #WoTW

  2. A great word but hope when each time comes you enjoy them - it's great to make plans but sometimes it's frustrating waiting for them to actually happen :)

  3. Love this post, and you've so many lovely things to be impatient for. Christmas is just as you've described for me, too, and I love it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. I'm impatient for December to come! I'm itching to get all our Christmas decorations down from the attic. Would love to be able to deck our house with every single Christmas crap we have, just to make the house look more cheerful! Hopefully this will also be enough for me to ignore the greyness of everything outside our window. Like you, I'm definitely impatient too! #wotw - Dean of Little Steps

  5. Lovely connections! I am so not looking forward to Christmas as money is so tight in our household. I have to be creative (meaning home made) with my gifts this year =P #wotw

  6. I love the run up to xmas so much, really looking forward to decorating the house this year. I might have already started making paper chains with my eldest.... shhh don't tell anyone :-) #WotW

  7. Aww! How lovely! It sounds like you have some exciting times coming up! I also cannot wait for Christmas....

  8. What a nice, refreshing post! Impatience is nice when you know good things are happening. I like having plans / things booked a long time in advance for the same reasons: the wait and the excitement building up to the event are almost as exciting as the event itself. Enjoy your nephew and niece, all the Christmas shopping and the time off.

  9. Great post I too am impatient for the weekend and I was so impatient for christmas the decorations have already gone up. Shock and it is only November Lucy