Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Countdown...

After a brief but lovely visit home to Cornwall at the weekend to swop presents and celebrate my auntie's *whispers* 60th birthday, we're back into the joy of the last full working week before Christmas.

This is quite possibly the most frustratingly slow week. Christmas is just around the corner, plans of parties and Christmas catch ups are being made and it would be so much easier to fit everything in if we just didn't have to work...sadly we do, so starts the impossible task of fitting all the little jobs in!

Luckily we've both got next Monday off, but as we are at a boozy lunch on Sunday, that's bound to turn into a boozy evening. I'm not convinced that Monday will be the most productive of days off. Therefore I have come up with the To-Do-List to end all to do lists, my aim is to tick one or two tasks off each day between now and the 23rd December - leaving the house, and us, ready and relaxed for Christmas Eve.

Feel free to use my list as a memo for yourselves!!

Carrie's Christmas Job List:
  • Wrap presents and sort into home, Sister-In-Law's & Brother's piles for opening locations!
  • Write, post & hand deliver Christmas cards (18th Dec for 2nd class, 20th Dec for 1st class)
  • Clean & decorate conservatory (decorations, not paint - I'm not that bad!!)
  • Clear two spare bedrooms and make them ready for guests over Christmas
  • General food shop
  • Special food shop - chestnuts, shell on nuts, spirits for cocktails, posh cheese, posh chocolates
  • Pick up Christmas duck & ham from butchers
  • Slow cook ham
  • Bake sausage rolls, mini meat pies, Christmas tarts
  • Bake & decorate Yule log
  • Take all spare boxes & packaging to the recycling centre to free up bins over Christmas
  • House winter clean - kitchen, bathroom, hall, bedrooms
It's a lot to try to get done in only a day or two, but I think it's achievable if I just do one thing at a time.

What Christmas jobs do you always leave to last?

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  1. I'm definitely going to get some ideas from your list - I'm a huge list fan - well nothing gets done otherwise!! Thanks for sharing! Mim :) #tinseltuesdays www.mamamim.com

  2. Right that's it. I'm copying your list ;) I feel so unorganised but this week is dragging. I need to get it all done before boo finishes nursery on Friday. Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!
    Thanks for linking up with #TinselTuesdays

  3. Wow that is a list of jobs to do. I'm stick on number 1 I have to admit! I normally love wrapping presents but this year it feels like a mammoth task and I have no idea where to start with it! Only a week or so to go, eek and yay at the same time! Xx #tinseltuesdays