Monday, 5 January 2015

What my week was...Week 1

Week one...let's see if this gets all the way to week 52...or even week 2...

I found last year that it was difficult to know what to blog about, I'm not a parent, I don't really do fashion and my food posts are dependent on time and inclination - I'm sure you'd be as bored as me after the 5th slow cooked casserole post, but that's pretty much all we eat during these winter months.

So here it is - my solution...a weekly round up of what I got up to in the past week. I'm not saying it's going to be any more interesting than the slow cooker recipes, but it should be a good record of all the little things that we do throughout the year, and it'll encourage me to make the time to put up at least one post a week too!

I watched...

Netflix - finally! We've had a month's free viewing since we moved in March, but never activated it. Now we are trying to have a dry January (who's idea was that anyway?) we need something else to occupy us. Like all good Netflix virgins we watched an episode of Breaking Bad before anything else. My problem is there is so much choice I have no idea what else to watch.

I went...

On a lovely walk along the Itchen River from Eastleigh up towards Twyford on Sunday. It's a chalk bead river so the water is incredibly clear and clean. Supposedly otters and water voles live along the banks but we didn't see any - although we did spot a beautiful salmon in the shallows. We rewarded ourselves with lunch at a local garden centre, a pub would be too much alcohol temptation this early in the month!!

I drank...

And ate far too much over the last few days of Christmas and the New Year. So much so that the tub of chocolates have now been banished to the top of the cupboard until our holiday in February. The Christmas tree chocolates even ended up in there. You always know you've eaten too much when you have to go to bed with chronic heartburn...lesson learnt!

I exercised...

On both Saturday and Sunday at the gym. Yep I'm now a smug person who went to the gym in between Christmas and New Year too. Admittedly it was because we got free passes to our local Virgin Health club, but I did have a decent swim at least. My Christmas present to myself was a Fitbit, I'm already finding that I am obsessively checking to see how many steps I've completed in a day - so far my best total is 19,057...oh yeah!

This week I need to get back into the routine of full time work, battle with the Christmas tree (our house looks so dull without the lights twinkling away), fit in some gym sessions and find some new healthy, but quick recipes.

What are you up to this week?

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  1. Sounds like an incredibly positive start to the New Year - well done you!