Wednesday, 21 January 2015

When pictures of boobs are a good thing...

Another week and another story has again put boobs at the forefront of the nation's thoughts.
I want to talk about pictures of boobs for a different reason though. Boobs are amazing. They feed and nurture, they fascinate, they come in all shapes and sizes. In the words of my niece "you'll make a great mummy because your boobies are squishy and soft...mmmmm"
But sometimes boobs can harbour something sinister, dangerous, and scary. The most recent statistics show that 15% of all diagnosed cancers are breast cancer, over 500,000 women and men are currently living with breast cancer in the UK today.
For some, thankfully an ever increasing small percentage, treatment doesn't work. The cancer can't be beaten. Our family knows though our own gut wrenching, cruel, memories how horrific this time can be. Dad had treatment for his prostate cancer in hospital before coming home, where he passed away a short time later. Cancer took hold so quickly we had very little opportunity to use the services of our local hospice or support centre, but for lots of people these places are a beacon of hope, care and love.
I recently came across a local campaign led by the ARTsalon, in support of The Haven Breast Cancer Charity called the Snapbreast Campaign.

The Snapbreast Campaign is hoping that lots of wonderful, amazing people will take photos of their boobs - covered, uncovered, men's, women's, big or small, to be included in an incredible sculpture being put together by Rose Eva. This sculpture and other art work will then be auctioned at Avington Park, Winchester in March.
The Haven is opening a new support centre in Tichfield, Hampshire (close to my home) in 2015.
This Haven Centre will offer over 30 complimentary therapies to breast cancer patients and their families, along with individual programmes of care to help people cope with the challenges of living with breast cancer.
Sounds pretty blooming amazing hey?
And each and every one of you can help - all you need to do is to take a photo of your boobs, in whatever guise you feel comfortable - dressed, undressed, close up, in bright daylight or in shadow, the choice is yours. Then upload it, anonymously, using this link.
There are a few important rules to be aware of - Chest area only (no faces please!) and over 18s only.
My boobs are winging their way now - hopefully I'll get the chance to see if I can spot them in March! I'd love it if some of you could join in about uploading your own "breastie"?!
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  1. Oh wow - what an amazing campaign!! If it saves just one life it is so worth it. #madmidweekbloghop

  2. What a fantastic campaign. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad.

  3. Checking out their website now =) #pocolo

  4. What a great campaign and a wonderful idea in support of something so worthwhile. Well done on taking part - I shall go and look into it too. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x