Tuesday, 24 February 2015

In Splendid Isolation...

I don't think I've had a holiday like last week's. I've been lucky to go to some of the most beautiful, captivating places in the world. I've walked ancient trails and flown over tiny tropical islands, but none if them captured my heart quite so fiercely as Snowdonia.

Sion's family are from South Wales, so naturally most of our visits revolve around Barry and Cardiff. With all of us able to take half term week off and a 40th birthday holiday planned we decided to head to the hills for a week of fresh air, walking and just a little wine drinking.

Sion and I headed up first on the Saturday to enjoy Valentine's night in peace and when we found our cottage came with a wood burner and a generously stocked log basket, the evening was spent with our feet up, feasting on chocolates and champagne. As lovely as it was it wasn't my highlight.

No, for me I loved that there was no phone reception, no internet coverage outside of the cottage, no need for entertainment from the TV. Cars were left unlocked, door keys hidden in the plant pot. Make up was left unpacked, my skin within a day was clearer, softer than it had been for months.

Walks were taken, often in silence, each of us lost in our thoughts and wonder of the incredible views, air so fresh you could feel your lungs being restored. I walked further and higher than I ever believed I could. I felt strong, healthy and fit.

On our last day we felt bereft to be leaving our cocoon, back to real life, to street lamps and sirens, distrust and dirt. Already planning our return, dreaming of retirement and relocation. It wasn't a goodbye, merely a see you soon.

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