Thursday, 26 March 2015

New growth

Well it would seem that everywhere I look in the garden there are new signs of life. The climbing rose that I carefully pruned (hacked down in a fit of anger) seems to have survived the Winter. It pulled off the old trellis from the wall so we need to put up a new one before it has a proper growth spurt!

In the back garden I rearranged the Spiraeas and fuschia bushes before they started to grow again. This Spiraea seems fine now, although the fuschias are no more than twigs right now. I'm hoping this is normal and the leaf buds will soon appear?!

We've also started to refresh pots with new bulbs and plants ready for the Summer. Some lily bulbs that I planted two weeks ago are already starting to show themselves.

I was very kindly sent some complimentary strawberry plants, wildflower seeds and a mushroom growing kit from Sutton Seeds last week. The strawberry plants arrived bagged in a box with their roots bare so I found myself emptying the strawberry planter of last year's plants, lining the side holes and replanting the old & new plants in fading evening light. I think I did the right thing though - we've had gentle rain for the last two days so they should be well watered in now.
The wildflower seeds have been mixed with a little compost and spread over our bare patch of earth at the bottom of the garden, I'll be keeping a close eye out over the next few weeks to spot the first seedlings, by the Summer it should be a bank of colour!

Finally we've been able to sit out and enjoy the first few days of gentle Spring sunshine. The fairy lights have been strung through the old tree and we're already starting to see new growth on the trees and shrubs that we didn't cut back. I think our new area is going to be just the spot to enjoy the last of the afternoon sunshine!

This weekend will be a weekend to enjoy the garden, rather than work on it! I need to buy a Clematis or two to work their way around our new archway and empty the pots of last years seeded herbs. Nothing too strenuous! I'll also be looking out for signs of the first mushrooms from our growing kit. An unfortunate incident involving next door's cat, a window sill and the mushroom kit means it's had an adventurous start in it's growing life, but I'm ever hopeful!

I was sent a selection of products free of charge from Sutton Seeds which I have used and highlighted in this post. All opinions and words remain my own.

Joining in this week with the fabulous How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Our fuchsias are looking the same, I think they are doing okay.
    How lovely that you've been able to enjoy the garden with a glass of wine, I must buy wine!
    A bugger about the cat, fingers crossed you still get some mushrooms

  2. Good work - glad to see you've already tested the new seating area for a glass of vino :) My roses (which I also hacked back before moving) have come back with a vengeance too, so phew! #hdygg

  3. true evidence of spring in your garden. my favorite time of year

  4. You've reminded me I need to order some wildflower seed, I'll be sure to check Suttons out :)
    The sunshine this week has made a huge difference to how keen I am in the garden - this post has me longing for wine-fuelled lazy warm Summers evenings!
    Thanks for joining in again x

  5. it looks like you and your plants are having a very busy spring! it will be awesome with all the hard work!

  6. Lovely shots - I think your garden looks a lovely place to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunshine... bring on the summer! I will check out sutton seeds too - didn't realise they do plugs/plants as well as seeds :) #hdygg

  7. Haha, I like your honesty behind 'carefully pruned'! I'm sure your wildflower seeds will look fantastic, it looks like a pretty mix. I scattered lots in the front garden last year and it completely transformed it.