Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Craft Idea Glass Candle Holder

Back in early March I attended Blog On Cymru where as well as meeting some brilliant bloggers and brands, I also got to take home the most amazing goodie bags!

Nestled in the bag was a brochure for Graham & Brown, who sell the most beautiful wallpaper, wall art & accessories, with some stickable jewels and an invitation to get crafty. Having a niece who is obsessed with stickers and knowing that I would be spending a weekend with her in the near future I knew exactly who would help me with this challenge!

We decided to make a candle holder for her Mummy.

Using a recycled candle jar (you could easily use a clean jam jar or old glass) she carefully placed her jewel hearts around the glass. One or two didn't quite stick in the right place, but they were easily lifted off and repositioned.

Next we used glass paint and some little stencils to decorate the rest of the holder. The stencils were slightly tacky which made it easier for me to hold them in place while E dabbed the paint on.

She finished off by carefully writing "Mum" with lots of kisses using coloured Sharpie pens.

I had a mini Yankie Candle that we added to the holder, to complete the gift.

While we waited for the paint to dry E also made a card for her Mummy, using even more stickers!

The paint needs to be sealed if you are intending to get the holder wet but this will be kept carefully on a shelf so we skipped this step.

We still have plenty of stickers left, so I'm sure someone else will be getting their own candle holder soon.

If you wish to buy similar craft supplies you can find them by using the "No Follow" links below;

Gold glass paint
Red glass paint
Sharpie pens
Stickable heart jewels

I was provided with the heart jewels free of charge and invited to get crafty for the chance to win a £150 Graham & Brown voucher. All artistic direction was solely down to E!

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  1. I love crafts like this and it's the sort of thing I think my son will enjoy when he's a little bit older. I bet the gift went down really well! x

  2. Wow! so purdy! I had a stain glass making kit when I was a wee one and it was Beaten only by the therapeutic consequences of one of those foil and black paint scratchy things. Oh, now I want to make one! Can't wait til the Baby is old enough for me to steal *ahem* help him with his crafts. Nice post!