Monday, 15 June 2015

Weekend recap 15th June 2015

How was your weekend?

We had a perfect weekend, full of those things that I love the most - family, the outdoors and of course food!

On Saturday we visited Marwell Zoo near Winchester with two children and two wheelchair users. Sion's mum decided to use her mobility scooter, which the children loved hopping on board when their legs needed a rest! All the walking around kick started my daily step target and we smashed through recording 13,000 steps.

All the walking and pushing took it's toll though - neither of us could be bothered to cook so we took the lesser of evils and rather than a massively unhealthy curry we popped a ready made pizza into the oven and reminisced during a "This was the 90s" programme that was showing on Channel 4.

Sunday morning seemed a little grey so instead of a trip back to Sandbanks we headed into the New Forest and went on a deer hunt at Bolderwood. There's a purpose build deer viewing platform here and every afternoon during April to September the deer are fed, making it easier to spot them. It does get very busy though, so we decided to get there earlier and take our chances.

We did see a few from the platform, but they were too far away to photograph without a telephoto lens, so we headed into the forest on one of the marked walks. Less that five minutes later, we came across these two beautiful animals. They were more than happy to stay eating the grass and vegetation while we snapped away.

In the forest the foxgloves were out in force and we stopped every few minutes to practice our photography skills.

The sunshine had really come out by the time we made it back to the car so we headed on to find a pub that was absolutely packed when we drove past a few weeks ago - The Alice Lisle, named after the last woman to be beheaded in England in 1685. As well as having a large garden and children's play area, they also had an Adults only terrace, which was where we found ourselves ordering lunch. Despite being busy, there was only a short wait before my wild boar burger was delivered. 

All this food made another small walk necessary (12,000 steps for the day!) and a large dinner completely unnecessary so we had a light pasta salad and watched the first episode of Humans. I'm not too sure what to make of it yet, I'm sure it's going to turn quite sinister though.

This week I will be trying to beat my step target of 56,000 steps, putting together a packing essentials post, getting together everything we need for Center Parcs, heading to London for Taste of London in Regent's Park and popping in to the tail end of a Hen weekend...nothing much!!

What do you have planned for this week?

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  1. Love the sound of your few days. Marwell is a favourite stopping place with my children too, the animals are so easy to see there and there is plenty of space to not feel cramped and mount up those steps! We have been deer spotting this morning too and even found our first baby fawn of the season here on the farm. Have a lovely time away at Centre parcs. #MagicMoments