Monday, 27 July 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Back in the very early days of this blog, I wrote about our Summer BBQs and how Dad was the lynch pin of this annual event. We tried a few times after he passed away to keep the tradition going but there was always something, or someone, missing.

My sister-in-law recently, after months of paperwork, got granted her visa to live in the UK allowing her & my nephew to finally base themselves here (along with my brother, obviously!). Added to that her 30th birthday & my nephew's 3rd birthday both fell in July and so a party for all their family & friends was in order.

We drove down, arriving late on the Friday night and were quickly roped in to helping to decorate his dinosaur birthday cake. (Unknown to my S-I-L, I had also made her a surprise birthday cake - so I was all caked out by this point!)

I woke up on Saturday morning to the quiet countryside sounds outside my window and got straight onto food prep duties - a tomato salad & mushroom salad were quickly made and it was outside to decorate the garden.

People started arriving early in the afternoon and it was just lovely to catch up with old faces and snap away with my new camera. Children quickly made friends and seemed immune to the cold water of the swimming pool, jumping in and out constantly!

Of course there was a breeze when it came to cake time, so the surprise element was lost as we battled to keep candles lit for long enough, but that's always the way.

As the afternoon wore on, people started to drift home until it was just those of us staying at the house left. The children were inside curled up on the settee playing games, most of the washing up was done and we sat around our large picnic bench, enjoying a drink or two, watching the light fade.

An old Chinese lantern was found, shoes quickly slipped on and we headed out to the back field to light it. I only got one shot, before my memory card was full, forcing me to watch through my eyes rather than the camera lens.

 Watching that bright spot be carried on the evening breeze, stood next to the Rowan tree planted in memory of Dad, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. How different life now was, with Dad not here. The newer members of the family that know him only through photographs, the news and events that he wasn't told about, the countless hugs missed out on. But life is still good, we are all happy, healthy and looking to the future. It was a good party, just like the old ones - he would have been proud.

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  1. what lovely pictures and you look like you all had a blast

  2. I'm sure your Dad would be so proud of you all and what a wonderful looking family you have there. An amazing party and great fun if sad too without your Dad. Looks like the children had a wonderful time. If you get a chance do come and join me for Country Kids, just popping by from #MagicMoments

  3. Aww! What a lovely day you had....Fab photos! x

  4. What a beautiful post and it looks like one of the best parties I have ever seen, such happy faces and great memories being made. I am sure your dad would be super proud of the party you'd all arranged, and that cake! Wonderful, thank you for linking up to Magic Moments it certainly is a great one.

  5. Happy 30th to your sister in law! it's a great month for birthdays :) x