Monday, 10 August 2015

37 thoughts for 37 years...

It's my birthday! All presents, cards, hugs and gin will be gratefully received!

I remember on my 25th Birthday feeling amazed that I was quarter of a century old - a proper grown up! But as the name of my blog suggests, perhaps I'm not quite as grown up as I think and I certainly still have a lot to learn. There are some pearls of wisdom that I have gathered however and as my birthday gift to you, here are 37 pieces of advice that I have picked up along the way...

  1. A pizza covered in melted cheese will not be cool enough to eat two minutes after being taken out of an oven...wait at least 5 minutes more and have a cold glass of wine to hand for emergency extinguishing.
  2. The higher the heel, the higher the pain rating. You may enjoy being able to see from one side of the pub to the other over the crowd, but sooner or later you'll either be lying on the floor with a twisted ankle or realising how dirty a pavement is as you walk home barefooted
  3. If you have the thought "that should probably have been my last drink" it most certainly was...get to some water and drink it, drink it fast.
  4. If you record everything behind the lens of a camera or onto the screen of a smartphone, you're not IN the moment, you're just an observer.
  5. A smile costs nothing but can mean everything.
  6. Being generous with time is more powerful than being generous with money.
  7. It's OK to change your mind. At 16 I wanted to be a cardiothoratic surgeon, I studied nursing at university, worked part-time in bars, became an accountant and now would love to own my own tea shop. As long as you learn something with each decision you make, it's a good decision.
  8. A credit card is not free money.
  9. Learn to drive - the freedom it gives you is worth every stall, near miss and tear of frustration when you're learning.
  10. If you hate to inhale cigarette smoke, you probably shouldn't bother to smoke. It's expensive and you look an idiot.
  11. Say no once in a while.
  12. Say yes once in a while.
  13. Hold hands with the person you love, even if you've been together for years, you'll think it's lovely, other people (even if they are a drunk, homeless lady) will think its lovely too.
  14. Bad things are going to happen, reach out to people around you, even if you don't know what you need, you shouldn't have to deal with something alone.
  15. Laugh - laugh at the good things but also the bad things and the messy things. They won't go away but for those few seconds they won't seem so bad.
  16. Try something different. I would never have thought I would like sushi, or gin, or a boy drunk on Jagerbombs, but now they're some of my favourite things.
  17. Your body shape will change, it is still your body. Learn to be proud whatever the shape.
  18. Healthiness is not defined by your dress size.
  19. Be happy for other people. There will be the right job, right person, right home, right whatever for everyone. You're time will come too.
  20. Bikes belong on cycle paths and roads. Pavements have pushchairs & hedges on them - you will not be a winner if you meet these.
  21. If you host a BBQ eat a proper meal before hand. Ten burgers & a glass of wine will leave you full. One burger and ten glasses of wine will make you pass out on your bathroom floor.
  22. Print off your photographs.
  23. Have at least one friend who is more than ten years older than you. Chances are they've been there & done that and can help you get through it.
  24. Don't let you lack of ability kill your enjoyment. I can't sing...doesn't mean I can't join in with Tay-Tay on the radio.
  25. Everything in moderation, one chocolate bar is a nice chocolate bar after a large pizza, nachos, beer & anything else you fancied is just going to be forgotten.
  26. Naps are good, embrace the afternoon snooze.
  27. Treat yourself once in a while, in whatever way will make you happy.
  28. Do something different occasionally; drive a different way to work, order a different meal, try a different class. You might not like it, but you'll never know unless you try.
  29. It's better to have a few friends than lots of acquaintances. 
  30. Greatness should not be measured in followers, likes or earnings.
  31. I still have a lot to learn, like just how many points 37 really is...
  32. ...
  33. ...
  34. ...
  35. ...
  36. ...
  37. ...
Help me out, what advice would you give?

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  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
    hehehe....Lots of great life lessons there!

  2. aaaa definitely embrace the nap, I'm doing that and I'm not even 30 yet ;) happy birthday #MMWBH

  3. Happy birthday. I was 37 once. Thankfully I've never had your experience of hifh heels, but you're so right about taking photos and not being in the moment. #MMWBH

  4. Grown ups dont have all the answers, they are just much better at faking it.
    They way your doing it (kids, work, life in general) is probably the best way for you, dont let other people tell you otherwise.

    A fantastic post #MMWBH

  5. Happy Birthday! I wrote a post about my 38th birthday just last month. If I could give advice it would be to learn to walk away from toxic people, even if those people are your family (I've been going through that lately), They only weigh you down and you need to do you. Thanks for sharing at #themadmidweekbloghop!