Monday, 10 August 2015

A shed-load of secret hideaway

This is our shed...

It's not even really ours, we rent our house and the shed came with the house, fully loaded with families of spiders and a nice ivy growing inside. Our friends' children are too scared to even look inside after I told them monsters lived inside (please don't judge me)! All we use it for is to store our bikes and various bits of gardening equipment.

This is my photography bag...

This is all the space I have to store my paper backgrounds, cake boards and the random assortment of bits that I've started to collect. My cake stands and crockery live above our kitchen cabinets. A lot goes into assembling an area to take one I don't take that many photos! But I want to. I want a space to inspire me, a place to play with ideas, a place to leave things out until the light is right, or I get the composition that's in my mind. I want a secret shed that's all mine!

I think we can all agree that our shed is more than a little tired, a lick of paint won't quite be enough to get started with. This new shiplap shed from Tiger Sheds would be perfect though and would fit exactly onto the leftover space of the old shed.

As is the way I started with Pinterest for my inspiration. I need to have plenty of natural light (there is no electricity in our shed), space saving options and a table big enough to photograph things on. I also wanted it to be pretty as well as functional.

Follow Carrie Landeryou's board My Perfect Shed! on Pinterest.

So the big unveiling...this is my Secret Hideaway shed...

And inside...

What do you think?

There's plenty of storage space for my "stuff", enough room for me to play around with my camera. It's functional but pretty and most of all individual. Ultimately I would want there to be electricity for extra lighting and of course heating so that it can be used all year round...a girl can dream!

I don't want a cluttered shed, I already have one of those...if you turn around too quickly something falls on you, or trips you up. I want space, space to breath, think, dream and enjoy. If course there would be room to add a few bits too - I'd love to add a beautiful high backed arm chair to curl into and lose myself in a recipe book or two...
Top Left - "Thomas" £499 : Top Right - "Gibson" £619
Bottom Left - "Hepburn Sofia" £549 : Bottom Right - "Shaftsbury" £750
All available from John Lewis

Now all we need to do is buy our rented house and get a new shed!!

Ana Mum Diary is running a competition with Tiger Sheds, offering one lucky person £250 to spend at John Lewis, for sharing your secret shed. This post is an entry, for all the details please pop over to Amanda's blog.


  1. Your dream shed looks wonderful. I have seen a lot about 'she sheds' lately and would love one for myself :-)

  2. Thank you Louisa, you're right - there's been a lot of shed envy going on recently!!

  3. Thank you Louisa, you're right - there's been a lot of shed envy going on recently!!