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GBBO Week 5 - Dairy free chocolate confetti cake

Week 5 of "Bake Off" and it's a completely new category - free from. I really enjoyed this week's episode. We're starting to really see those bakers who understand the interaction of their ingredients and flavours versus those who concentrate on the asthetics of their bake and perhaps ignore if their bake actually works! I'm still rooting for Matt, watching Paul having to swallow his sample of carrot cake, before declaring it "really good" was funny to watch - and where did Nadiya come from? She had such a good round, Star Baker was well deserved!

This week as my "Free From" entry I've made a dairy free cake. It was my brother's 40th birthday and for me producing a cake worthy of a 40th celebration would have been impossible without sugar, but only mildly tricky without I took the easy option! This recipe has a number of steps, but hopefully I've written it in a methodical way to make it as easy as possible.

Here is my Signature Bake for this week - Dairy Free Chocolate Confetti Cake

dairy-free cake chocolate confetti

dairy free chocolate layer cake

Dairy Free Chocolate Confetti Cake

For the Cake

400g Plain Flour
50g Cornflour

65g unsweetened cocoa powder
1.5tsp salt

300ml soya milk
1.25tsp white wine vinegar

480ml vegetable or rapeseed oil
450g caster sugar
3 large eggs
1.5tsp vanilla extract

2tsp sodium bicarbonate
2.5tsp white wine vinegar

For the frosting

250g vegetable fat such as Pure or Trex
60ml soya milk
2tsp vanilla extract
600g icing sugar

Hundreds & thousands to decorate (I used 2 small tubs)

Preheat your oven to 175C and line the bottom of 3 9-inch sandwich tins with baking parchment.

Start by sieving together the plain flour and cornflour into a large bowl. Re-sieve this into a second bowl and repeat once more (3 sieves in total to add air and distribute the cornflour evenly). Sieve in the cocoa and salt, using a metal spoon gently fold through to combine.

In a jug add the soya milk and small quantity of white wine vinegar together and set to one side for a few minutes, (this will replace buttermilk in a traditional dairy recipe).

Place the oil and sugar in a large mixing bowl and beat on a medium speed with an electric whisk until well blended. Beat in the eggs one at a time and finish with the vanilla.

Add half of your flour mix and beat until combined, followed by half of your soya milk mix. Repeat with the final batch of flour and milk.

In a small dish add the remaining vinegar to the sodium bicarbonate (this will immediately start to fizz), stir quickly to combine and add this batter to your cake batter beating straight away for 10 seconds.

Divide the batter into the three tins and bake until an inserted skewer comes out clean (30-40 minutes). Let the cakes cool in the tin for 20 minutes then remove, turn upside down, remove the baking parchment and leave to cool completely.

While your cakes are cooling make your frosting. Cut the Trex into small pieces, add the soya milk and villa and combine until soft (I used the dough hooks on my electric hand mixer). Gradually add the sugar until fully incorporated. Split the icing into two bowls, one with slightly more in than the other, and refridgerate until needed.

Once the cakes have fully cooled, use the smaller quantity of icing to sandwich your layers together and cover the outside of your cake, place the cake on a cake board and chill for half an hour before continuing.

Taking the second bowl of icing, use a palette knife or dough scraper to add a thicker layer of icing all over the cake. Work in a little area at a time and clean your knife regularly to stop crumbs mixing into the top layer. Clean any excess icing off your board. Make a clean edge around the top of your cake and chill again for 30 minutes.

Lay grease-proof paper over your work surface and sit your cake on an upturned bowl to get some height. Take a small quantity of hundreds & thousands in your hand and gently press into the icing. Repeat all over. Gather up any that have fallen onto the grease-proof paper regularly and reuse. This video will give you a demonstration (not me!)

Then you get to sit back and enjoy a slice of your hard work!

40th confetti birthday cake

easy to decorate confetti birthday cake

Next week - Pastry (and I'm thanking my lucky stars I've already made puff pastry this series!)

(I've also entered this recipe as my Denby Cake Off entry for this year's competition - details can be found by following this link)

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  1. This looks so effective with the decorations you have used and so light and airy. Hope he had a great birthday x

    1. Thanks Cathy it was a really good effect and actually much faster to decorate than a fondant icing cake!

  2. i have attempted a sprinkle cake 3 times now and each time it has to turned out as it shows on pinterest, despite watching tutorials. BUT i will keep trying after all practice makes perfect!
    Your cake looks epic and what a great cake for Free From week! I hope your brother liked it and had a great birthday x

    1. I found literally chucking small handfuls at the cake worked best...strangely satisfying too!! The celebrations went on well into the evening so I think fun was had by everyone! x

  3. Wow, looks delicious. Do come and add it to the #freefromfridays linky

    1. Thanks Emma - great link up...all added now! x

    2. Thanks Emma - great link up...all added now! x

  4. wow - how pretty with all those sprinkles all the way around! A real show stopper of a cake. Hope your brother had a good birthday. #gbbobloggers2015 x

  5. This looks amazing! I bet he loved it. Hope he had a great birthday. #gbbobloggers2015

  6. Wow, your cake is so pretty and effective! It looks really scrummy too. Hope your brother had a great birthday.
    Angela x

  7. This is so cute! I love all the sprinkles, really makes for a happy birthday! Gorgeous.

  8. Looks really pretty, love the sprinkles :)

  9. So pretty! I bet your kitchen is covered in sprinkles now, right? :-)

  10. Looking So delicious,hope your brother had a great birthday and long live....

  11. This is such a pretty cake! It looks delicious x #GBBOBloggers2015

  12. Looks fab! I've wanted to make a confetti cake for ages but never been sure of quite how to do it, thanks! ;) #gbbobloggers2015