Friday, 18 December 2015

The Next Chapter...

I started this blog almost three years ago when I was at a very special moment in my life.

I had met Sion and we clicked, he got me, I got him and it just quickly and so well. I still remember the moment on Sion's burgundy leather sofa in his flat where he asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I'd jumped into relationships before, sure that they were The One only to be proved oh so wrong further down the line, but something told me that this would be different, this was a real partnership and we excitedly started making plans.

I knew that this time of my life would be something that I wanted to look back on and so my blog was started after a night spent choosing wardrobes over cocktails. Since then we've proved my gut feeling right. We've loved and supported each other through happiness, sadness, successes and challenges, quietly getting stronger and even more in love than I ever thought possible.

Yet the one thing we both wanted seemed to be just out of reach to us. A miscarriage last year led to me finding out I had an abnormality that could affect future pregnancies. That fear became a reality earlier this year with a second loss. Through it all Sion held me, supported me and told be everything would work out ok.

We decided to try for a third time, hopeful that we would be lucky, comforted by the sad fact that if it didn't work out we would at least be referred for further tests & assistance.

And it worked!!

I am now 13 weeks pregnant. Our wriggly little baby is in a perfect position, everything is working as it should and we have heard the magical sound of our Little One's heartbeat. This pregnancy hasn't been without drama and scary moments, but we understand what is causing this and I am slowly starting to relax.

This blog has never really had a direction before now and I'm still not too sure what way it will go. I do know that I want to go back to the style of my early posts, the thoughts that randomly pop into my head, the memories of this special time. I hope you join me for this crazy ride!


  1. Congratulations to you both... I'm so happy for you. Here's to 2016 and your gorgeous baby x

  2. Aww! Congratulations! I am so pleased for you! x

  3. awwww many congratulations to you xx