Thursday, 28 January 2016

19 Weeks...

How is it Thursday already?!

After feeling like days were as long as a week in the first trimester, the second trimester seems to be ticking along quite nicely. I don't know whether it's because I've got energy now to do things, or if it's because there's always something going on at home, but each week seems to whip by until I think to myself "well, where did that week go?"

Last weekend we babysat for Sion's nephew & niece on Friday night. They were no problem at all, although Sion was held hostage by a five year old who insisted she couldn't go to sleep until she practised her reading! I wasn't let off too lightly either. When I came to check that teeth had been brushed I had to use my excellent negotiating skills to get them into their own beds and at least pretending to snuggle down ready for must have worked though, 30 minutes later one was asleep face down in a book and the other look like they had had a fight with their duvet until they passed out!

I don't quite know what came over me on Saturday, but I pulled everything out of the kitchen cupboards, washed them and rearranged everything. All the kitchen work surfaces were cleared & cleaned and lots of things thrown away. It's made such a difference, although I'm now the washing up police...5 days in and it still looks pretty tidy!

We went out on a date on Saturday night to Mango's Thai Tapas in Southampton for Sion's birthday. He's been working so hard recently, revising for his first set of engineering exams so a nice meal out was much deserved. As usual we ordered far too much, they serve the biggest tapas plates I've ever come across! We were back home again by 9pm but it meant we could relax at home before getting an early night.

On Sunday the cleaning/nesting frenzy continued with the bathroom and soon to be nursery being the next victims. A quick food shop was also done before I popped out to see my friends and their 6 week old baby boy. Sion cooked a roast with amazing potatoes for dinner to round off the weekend nicely.

Baby/bump wise it's been a pretty quiet week. I'm sure I can now feel Hippo moving around, with little fizzes and wriggles that seem to be more noticeable in the evening than any other time. We also had a listen in with our doppler to hear the loveliest, strong heartbeat ever! I'm most definitely in maternity clothes now and my bump is finally more baby than bloat.

This weekend I'll be spending time on Saturday seeing my brother and his family and on Sunday I'm catching up with an old friend and her two boys. I've got two exciting parcels in the post this week that I'm dying to try out, one for me and one for Hippo when they arrive (but I'll have a little play with it before then!).

Hope your weekend is full with lovely things week it's our 20 week scan and I'll be doing a 16-20 week pregnancy post.

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