Thursday, 21 January 2016

Choosing names for our baby

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Sion and I have been pretty set on names for our baby since even before they were conceived! Our choices are traditional but not in the top 20 of children's names and we've both wanted to include family names as middle names, but we have a lot of family each to choose from.

Our girl's choice is now fixed and agreed on and while I liked our boy choice I wasn't blown away by it. Lying in bed at the weekend, I plucked up the courage to ask Sion "are you fixed on (insert name here!) for a boy's name?" This then resulted in the two of us scrolling through Top 200 lists to see if anything else caught our fancy...nothing!! There was one name that I liked, but I was sure Sion wouldn't like it so I kept quiet. It wasn't until later that morning that Sion said "Well I do like (new name) too"...Of course it had to be the same name I was thinking! For the rest of the weekend we tossed both names backwards & forwards, trying to decide which one we liked the best.

Sion went to see his Stepdad and apparently had a conversation where he mentioned both names to him and asked his opinion...His stepdad answered, I like Abraham...Abraham wasn't one of the two options!! Later on he turned to Sion and said what name does Carrie like the most? Sion told him and he quickly replied, that's what you'll be naming the baby if its a boy then!

Of course by not knowing what we are having yet I'm finding it difficult to know what to call baby. We've tried out Little One and Sproglet, but they didn't feel right. Over the last two weeks, my bump has really appeared, so much so that a colleague joked "Are you sure you're not having a hippo?!" Hippo has now stuck, it's going to feel strange calling them something else once they are finally here!

How would you pick a baby's name?

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