Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Practising being a Mummy with Cuddledry

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon with my niece & nephew when they came for a visit with their Mummy & Daddy this past weekend. We headed off to Victoria Country Park and rode the miniature train through the grounds before heading home for a hot chocolate (or beer for the big boys!).

While everyone was relaxing watching a spot of Ben & Holly I thought I would take the chance to grab some photographs of a gorgeous Cuddledry bath towel that I've been kindly sent.

I asked my niece if I could borrow her Baby Annabel for a little while (seeing as Hippo still has a little while to go!) and of course she asked why? Rather than trying to explain the concept of blogging and product reviews to a 5 year old I just said "Auntie Carrie needs to practise using a special towel for when the baby arrives" With that my little helper said "Come on then Auntie Carrie, let's practise being a Mummy, I'll show you what to do!"

So for the next 15 minutes or so I was taught how to hold my baby carefully, how to wrap them up nicely in the towel and how to comfort them if they got scared. As bizarre as it was being taught how to be a mummy by my five year old niece it was kind of special too!

The thought of dealing with a wriggly, wet baby is a pretty scary one if I'm honest, but the Cuddledry is brilliantly designed to make bath time easy. It's by far the biggest baby towel I've seen and it clips easily around your neck to be worn like a big apron. This leaves your hands completely free to bath and look after your child as well as stopping clothes getting wet from all the splish splashing that will be going on! Then when it's time for drying off there's plenty of towel left to wrap around your little one and cuddle them in close to you.

The material is super absorbent and so soft, I kind of wish they made an adult sized one too! We may not have any clothes yet for Hippo when they arrive (or cot, or pram, or nappies..or anything else!) but at least I know those special bath time moments are covered.

If any of you like the idea of practising being a mummy, or you just want the chance to chat to the Cuddledry team, they will be at The Baby Show ExCel from the 19th February to the 21st February at Stand G48 with lots of offers & discounts. I'll be there on Saturday saying hi to them all, it'll be great to see any of you there too.

I was sent a complimentary Cuddledry towel for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.
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  1. This is such a good idea! I always get soaking when bathing Aria so could really do with these, how did I not know about this?
    I love the story about your niece teaching you how to be a mum, so cute :)


  2. We love our cuddledry towels, and still use them 5 years later!

  3. I loved my Cuddledry apron, I just wish I'd bought it first time round.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x