Sunday, 24 April 2016

Preparing for our new arrival

How has it been 3 months since I last posted anything?

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to put fingers to keys...perhaps I've been subconsciously hiding myself away, protecting this precious time with just the two of us for the most part? Each Monday I've taken in a relaxing lungful of air as another week gets ticked off and we take one step closer to having a baby in our arms.

I'm now almost 32 weeks pregnant, eight weeks to go, less than 2 calendar months. I no longer have an is-she-isn't-she bump, but a most definitely pregnant bump that causes strangers to give me a knowing smile as we pass in the street and what seems to be every checkout lady free rein to ask me how much longer I've got...I secretly love being part of such a special club.

Health wise I've had no more bleeding since 13 weeks. My blood pressure is reassuringly consistent and every entry in my notes following a midwife appointment starts with "mum is well". I've have found that my feet swell to epic proportions that even compression socks struggle to contain. More painful is the development of PGP that wakes me with a gasp when I turn over in my sleep. Warm baths are helping and I've been referred to the physio team for an assessment when I'm 36 weeks.

Our nursery is almost finished. I keep the door open so that each time I walk past I see the animal wall stickers and the cot our baby will sleep in. The three loads of baby laundry I did last weekend are folded away ready to be grabbed when we're sleep deprived parents changing the baby for the fifth time that day. We went out for lunch yesterday and found a little gift shop selling Jellycat soft toys. Baby's first teddy, a Monkey named Abe is waiting for the first introduction in Baby's crib.

I think the biggest thing that's happened is that we've started our parenting classes, nicknamed Baby School and we've completed two of the four sessions. Sion is now talking to baby and stroking my belly, hoping to get a kick or wriggle in response. This little one is a stubborn one though, seeming to sense exactly when someone is watching and so refusing to move...only to give a proper shake as soon as attention shifts to something else!

We were asked last week what we were each looking forward to. Of course there were lots of "finding out who baby looks like", "finding out if we're having a boy or girl" and "having lots of time of work". For me though, I'm looking forward to sharing this with Sion. Other than our midwife no one else in the world will share with us our conversation, our special looks, those precious moments that will pass between us, or that incredible moment when we each look into the eyes of our new born baby and see a world of opportunity and hope reflecting back to us. I tried to say all this to our group, but couldn't get the words out-the weight of parenthood and all it entails is a heavy one, but one that I've waited so long for...not long to go now.

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