Sunday, 19 March 2017

A New Chapter

On a traditional calendar 11 months have passed, but to one person it's been a whole lifetime, my daughter Baby B arrived safe and well in this time. She's now nine months old. In some respects she changes every day; learning, growing, interacting with those around her, yet in other respects she is exactly the same as the day she was born. Her hair has the same mohican quiff she rocked on the day she was born; she still turns her head to the side seconds before she drops off to sleep, exactly as she did when I stayed awake for the whole of her first night in earth.

To me at times it's like only a moment has passed, like a dream that speeds by in the seconds before you wake up. I'm back working full time in the job I was doing before my maternity leave. We are still living in the same house, abet with far more plastic stuff that plays annoyingly loud tunes. I'm even on occasions given the chance to get a full nights sleep as the night feed starts to drop off.

And yet in other aspects life has changed beyond recognition...we were two, now we are three; we were boyfriend and girlfriend, now we are engaged; we were living in rented accommodation, now we are (fingers crossed) about to become home owners. Every decision we now make is not what's best for us but what's best for Baby B.


  1. Sorry it has taken me such a long time! But so many congratulations lovely. She is totally gorgeous x

    1. Thank you Victoria - I know time flies doesn't it? Not long to go now for you, Ross & Grace! x