Monday, 29 December 2014

Operation Clawback - January

I've never really been one for resolutions. I think committing to something for the next 365 days kind of sets you up for failure. What happens if you miss a gym session, have a birthday blow out, or spend more than necessary? Usually you just stop there, the resolution is broken, there's no point to continue.

I'm going to set myself "Challenges" instead. Each month I'm going to set myself a handful of challenges with the aim of becoming healthier; physically, mentally and financially. I'll update mid month and review and set any new challenges at the end of the month.



Take 10 minutes each day to update My Fitness Pal
Use my Fitbit to monitor my daily activity - if the weather is dry, my lunchtime priority will be a 30 minute walk
Try two different classes at the gym


Use my blog as a record of my day to day life, writing from the heart rather than for stats or opportunities
Do at least three things for charity such as donating old clothes


Plan weekly shopping lists to reduce midweek emergency food runs to Waitrose!
Try to spend less than £50 per week on fuel and incidental buys

You can see that I'm trying to stay away from the "lose a stone", "give up drinking" type challenges. Hopefully the things that I have set myself will encourage these statements to happen naturally.

To succeed in this I need motivation; perhaps a holiday or a new wardrobe of clothes?

No - There's a much bigger aim in my life that these little things should help.

I want to be a mother. To give us the best possible chance I need to be physically and mentally healthy and financially secure. Hopefully I will become pregnant naturally and will progress free of complications. But if this doesn't happen I need to know that I've done everything in my power and be in the best possible position to move forward.

What are your January challenges, what's your motivation?


  1. No doubt in my mind that you will succeed on all levels, enjoy and embrace the challenges !

  2. Good luck with all your challenges Carriewhat a fabulous way to start 2015!