Sunday, 4 May 2014

BEDM Star Wars

Despitetoday being Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) and Star Wars being everywhere in the press due to the casting for the latest episode being announced, the whole series has kind of passed me by! The only line I can quote is "Luke, I am your father..." And this is only because it reminds me so much of the Stacey and Kat "you're not my muffa...yes I ammmm" scene in Eastenders. This means that I had to think outside of the box to complete today's BEDM prompt of "Star Wars"

When I was a teenager the only part of the paper that I would religiously read was the horoscopes...mine and those of whatever boy I fancied at the time. If they were good, or even better matching, I'd think to myself "today is the day-he's going to talk to me!" Never happened though!

If it was still my morning priority to check my horoscopes before anything else, would I have discredited Sion as a potential boyfriend or would I have turned into a slightly obsessive stalker, waiting at the corner to see if he noticed me?!

I am Leo- apparently this means I am destined for success and am both loyal and caring. Underneath my resilient exterior I am sensitive and can be defensive, which can appear to be stubborn. As a Leo I have such a high degree of confidence I can appear elitist and dominant. My happiness is tied directly with my feelings of self confidence.
Sion is a Capricorn - his key traits are that he is naturally hard headed. He confidence in his ability may sometimes come off as conceited. He possesses strong family bonds and he is very dependable and rarely deceitful. 

While a Leo is supposed to be more compatible with Aquarius and Sagittarius, compatibility with Capricorns can fall into either the good or bad camp.
So it would seem that as long as Sion lets me win every argument and pays me continual compliments the celestial bodies have nothing to worry about...

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Tomorrow's BEDM prompt will have a little Mexican theme...

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