Monday, 22 July 2013

The day I found my inner Stig

Some call her Carrie...others know her as an accountant...but on Sunday she was The Stig (...or Crazy Frog!!)

Yes I survived my Ferrari track experience at Silverstone that The Other Half brought me for Christmas! I was so nervous in the hour leading up to it - we got there early so I had enough time to worry that I would crash the car, drive the wrong way around the track, stall the car....
The safety briefing went into how to steer into corners without spinning off and then the magic words "Your instructor will grab the wheel if need be". I (stupidly really) thought that we would be let loose in the supercar without an instructor, knowing there would be someone with me, meant that I could start to enjoy the drive more.
And then it was time to get into the car, I was concentrating so much on the instructor I forgot to look out the window to wave!!
The Other Half was in charge of photos while I was's the best one!!
Thankfully we went back to the Visitor Centre when I finished and picked up this one...
As we were walking back to the car The Other Half asked if I had enjoyed myself...I was grinning and hopping around like a little excitable puppy...I think he could tell the morning had been a Magic Moment!
We spent the rest of the day with my brother and his family...that man knows how to throw a good barbeque...we drove home with wide smiles and fat bellies!
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  1. Wow how exciting and lucky you! Definitely a Magic Moment or two.

  2. I am so jealous!! Would love to do this, only live own the road from Silverstone, keep hinting at OH! Well done #magicmoments

  3. That would be so fun! I would be nervous too. Glad you enjoyed it