Monday, 5 August 2013

Longdown Dairy Farm

On Saturday I went to Longdown Dairy Farm with the OH's sister & children. I'd won a family pass in a raffle earlier in the year and we decided to keep it until the summer holidays.
I was greeted at the door by two very excited children who told me "We're going to the farm today, you can come too if you want!"
Luckily Longdown Dairy Farm is only a 20 minute drive from our homes so the journey passed quickly and we were soon there...the children were raring to go...this is what we saw;

Chickens sitting on their eggs


The World's stillest Shire Horse..."I think it might be dead Mummy"

Piglets playing with Mummy Pig..."I can't see Peppa & George Mummy"
Learning to milk a cow..."This isn't working...only water is coming out, not milk"

New born calves

Tiny chicks

Brushing friendly goats..."It wants to eat me Mummy"
Feeding hungry baby goats
But by far the best moment of the day was running to the adventure playground because...
"Mummy, Mummy...the pig escaped...let's catch it!!!

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  1. Ha ha, this is so cute! Kids love it down on the farm don't they? Pigs are my daughter's favourite animal, she would have loved this :)

  2. awww what a lovely day! it looks like you all had a fantastic time!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  3. Popping over from #MagicMoments...looks like you had a great day. My kids love spending time at our local farms, just today we went to see the pig at our favourite PYO fruit farm :-)